Who We Are

St. Luke’s Church Hawkinge is a registered ‘Fresh Expression’ Anglican church called “The Lighthouse”, but usually referred to as The Lighthouse Church (but also sometimes known as “St. Luke’s Lighthouse Church”, or “The Lighthouse Church at St. Luke’s”).
This means that although St. Luke’s is Parish Church of Hawkinge, as the Lighthouse Church Hawkinge we also have a ‘mission-shaped expression’, which is contemporary, family friendly and informal.

We are a Christ-centered mission church in which our principle focus is on evangelism, compassion and outreach to adults and children within the Hawkinge community and beyond.

We are also a family church; we have always had a focus both on children’s evangelism and children’s ministry within the church. Our aim is to disciple our children and young people into complete men and women of God, who love the Lord, love others and are Bible-based, Spirit-filled followers of Jesus.

We are also a renewal church; our aim is to bring people into the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s life and ministry. We aim to enable Christians to discover their gifting, ministry, intimate walk with the Holy Spirit and God-given calling. We have a focused pastoral and discipleship ministry which aims to give personal attention to each member. We seek the renewal, refreshing and equipping of Christians, locally, nationally and internationally, with a particular focus on France and the rest of Europe.

Finally, and definitely not least, we are also a training and equipping church; we aim to establish ourselves as a teaching and conference centre, teaching on a range of skills and subjects for the personal and spiritual development and maturity of the believer. As a prophetic Christ centered church we aim to become a centre for intercessory prayer and prophetic ministry.