Prayer is very important to us. Our long term vision is to become a centre for prophetic intercessory prayer as we seek to move in a journey of deepening prayer which covers everything we do.

Prayer Meeting

We gather together to pray in the church every week (see Prayer Gatherings elsewhere on this page).

Prayer Chain

A vital and healthy church must to be able to respond to in prayer to needs that arise and this is why we have set up a Prayer Chain – this is where a need is prayed for by one person and then passed onto another for them to continue the prayer and then pass the message on to the next person. In the past communication of the prayer need would have been by telephone call, but now the message is passed on by email everybody is alerted and rallied to pray for a given situation as it arises. Since our response is to pray immediately we notice the message it’s perhaps more of a prayer ‘scramble’.

Please note that, as information is passed through e-mails (and is therefore effectively in the public domain – and information could be forwarded to anybody) it is strongly advised that when you report items for prayer you do not disclose personal, sensitive or confidential information.

We are a praying church which grows and flourishes under the covering of prayer. We are very privileged to have so many prayer warriors and intercessors.

If you have a need that you would like us to pray for please contact Rob Grinsell, on 01303 893215 or via our contact page

Prayer is one of the most intimate and beautiful activities in which human beings can engage, whether alone or with others. Prayer is how we establish our true identity, as individuals and as the church. In prayer our identity is changed, to be more aligned with the identity of God – the identity that in love we are called towards

Archbishop Justin Welby

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