Study Questions – 2nd May

The Gift of Tongues Introduction Introduction The spiritual life is often one of ups and downs. So how does one deal with depression and the way it affects your prayer life? In this helpful and practical sermon, Rob Grinsell shows us how to deal with those times when we struggle spiritually, and explains how the

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Study Questions – 25th April

Spiritual Gifts Introduction The gifts of the Spirit have been a subject of controversy in recent years. But as Rob Grinsell shows, in this helpful sermon, this need not be so. God out of His love and Grace has gifted all believers in a special way in order that they may serve Him and the

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Study Questions – 18th April

Acts Ch.8:14-17 Home group questions for the 45 minute Bible Study There may not be time to explore all the questions in which case choose which ones you might like to explore together. These questions are based around Rob Grinsell’s 18th April 2016 talk on the Holy Spirit… See Luke 11. 9-13. what conditions does

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