Financial support

One of the ways that we grow our relationship with God is in partnering with his generosity. He has given so much to and for us and his promise to us is of provision for all our needs and so much more. He is a God of abundance!

In response, we are encouraged to be generous givers as He directs. What a privilege to be channels of his grace to others. Supporting our church here in Hawkinge is one of our priorities so let’s be keen to follow his directions in regard to our giving. As we pray and give towards the work of God here and looking to see God’s kingdom extended, we are engaging with the ministry of God’s body here on earth.

Our main source of income is us

It is helpful when people decide to give a regular amount by standing order but let that be your starting point. Keep listening to the Holy Spirit and be ready to respond to his prompting, whether during a Sunday service or any other time.

We are wanting to make it easy for people to give into the life and work of the church.

Many people already have standing orders set up which is so helpful for ease of administration and financial planning.

If you are a tax payer it is even better if you can sign a gift aid form so 25% tax can be reclaimed from HMRC on your giving. If you are unsure whether you will pay tax your gifts can still be recorded and then you can let us know at the end of the year if you have paid any tax which can be reclaimed.

Please contact us for standing order or gift aid information.

Giving electronically

Many people use online banking or a banking app on their phones so this is another easy way to contribute to the church in a planned way or as part of the Sunday offering.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about setting up a payment on your bank account, so you can give whether you have cash on you or not.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a blessing to God and others and don’t forget to consider gift aid if you’re a taxpayer. It makes such a difference.