Sunday 13th September – meeting in the church

Rev Rob Grinsell

Dear church family,

I am just writing to you to clarify that the new government rules do not include church services.  The church is open for prayer at 11am this Sunday.

Just to remind you, that as there is no booking system for the times of prayer, could you please email me if you are planning to come to church this Sunday?  Would you also inform me if you are intending to come back to church when the service programme begins in October? (Information about the booking system for the services will follow).

The prayer time will again be led and will include testimonies, shared experience, led and open prayers, readings of scripture as well as teaching and instruction of receiving and giving of prophecy and the word of knowledge.  Both the prayer time and the services will be focused times of sharing life and testimonies and listening and sharing the Lord’s heart. I believe they will be a very blessed time as we encourage and support each other as the body of Christ.

We warmly welcome all children and young people, they are part of the worshipping body of Christ. Young children should be supervised by the parent or guardian and appropriate hygiene precautions followed.

Please note that social distancing and face coverings are mandatory in the building. Track and trace and sanitizing stations on entrance are also required. Please also note that in light of the new government regulations coming in to force on Monday I would advise that we do not congregate outside the church immediately after the service.

Every blessing