Dear church family,
We hoped you enjoyed the Easter Day service.
We announced that we want to run our first online course – the Bible Course from the Bible Society. It’s a great way to:

  • Discover more of the big picture of the Bible (it is truly amazing – 66 books, over 40 authors who mostly never met each other, a time-span of over 1000 years … and yet it tells a clear story!!)
  • Find out how we got the books that make up the Bible (I mean who decided what to include and leave out?)
  • Counter many of the arguments that are often used in the media to supposedly expose the Bible as being unreliable or missing various ‘lost’ gospels.

The best way to preview it is via the Bible Society’s web-site – The Bible Course
We will be using Zoom to run this course online on Thursday mornings and evenings.

  • The evening session starts this Thursday (16th) at 8.00pm
  • The morning course will start the following Thursday (23rd) at 10.30am

We will issue a general email invite with Zoom logon but you will need to have the course materials and if you cannot download and print them we need to print and post them out to you. If you want to participate get in touch.
Please say which session you want to do, so we know how many to expect when we start the meeting.
If you have any questions please get in contact
This is a first so we may have some teething issues but hopefully if we can get this off the ground we can look at not just some other courses for the church but also for those who are seeking (Alpha online or something similar?). 

Yours – Dave Williams