The next few weeks

Rev Rob Grinsell

Dear church family,

Over the next few weeks we shall be considering our giving. Financial giving as well as giving of ourselves in terms of our gifts, energy and time.

The Macedonian churches, which included the churches of Philippi and Thessalonica, urgently pleaded with Paul for the privilege of giving. (2 Cor. 8.4).

I can’t remember the last time I urgently pleaded with anyone to sacrificially give… I’m sure I’m not alone. So why did they do so? What secret about giving to the Lord did they know that we don’t? I shall be unpacking that on Sunday.

Our thinking about giving will lead up to our Harvest Festival which on 6th October. This will be an All-Age service with lots of fun for everyone but also a chance to share; to share in our giving, but also to share our hearts and testimonies and experiences of God.

It’s vital for us to share, for by doing we pass on to one another our faith and love for God. The more the children share about the Father, the more we become family.

This short season is not going to be one of doom and despair but of celebration; the reason Paul talks about joyous giving is because when we give and we spend time thinking about the joy of giving, it lets loose the grace of God into ours and other people’s lives. I love the idea of letting God’s love and blessings loose on people through our joyful giving.

Let’s come then, over these next few weeks, with a desire to join in with what the Father is doing and have fun with the joy of giving.

Every blessing in Christ,