Vicar’s Blog – Introduction

Rev Rob GrinsellThank you for reading this blog.

The first lesson I learned when I sat down to write this introduction was just how weak and vulnerable you feel when you have a cup of coffee in your hand and you start to sneeze… Sorry, back to the intro.

I’ve drawn together a series of anecdotes and episodes of my life which attempt to show how life’s events can illustrate some of the spiritual truths we have already been taught. All the events are true and the dialogues are as best as I can remember, with the necessary creative license where memory fails.

I have been in full time Christian ministry for the last 19 years so that now almost everything (if you’re not careful.. and I’m not) becomes a sermon illustration.

The older I get the more ridiculous the world appears and I am learning to find humour in my everyday existence. I am also of that age now where no issue is so small that it can’t be completely blown out of all proportion.

I’ve tried to present the stories and events in bite-sized chunks, mainly because I prefer most things in small chunks (with the exception of food).

Why are you trying to be funny you might ask? I don’t know why; I just try to look back at the small traumas and think, ‘you’ve got to laugh’. I think. Anyway, I noticed in the Bible that God laughs a lot. Mostly at us. Which makes sense.

It’s taken me over a year to decide to write this blog, particularly because I feared it would be rubbish and I would be the last to realise it until I came to an epiphany moment and discovered that only myself, my mum (and someone who stumbled over it by mistake thinking’s its something else) were actually reading it. (Mum, by the way, was only checking it for spelling).

Anyway I hope you enjoy it; it’s partly about me, and it’s partly about God – and my hope is that in some way it encourages you to stumble into His life.