Church life

Rev Rob GrinsellDear church,

We have been greatly blessed last month, both by the ministry of Ian Christensen and the Bethel team. On both occasions the Lord’s manifest presence was felt strongly. I am also blessed that Ian and the Bethel team really enjoyed being with us. Ian is a friend of our church and is happy to minister to us every year. Bethel too said they were so blessed by being with us that they didn’t want to leave.

I believe it’s important that we do not simply enjoy these ministry events and then carry on as before, but that we build on them and respond to them in our spiritual life as a church. I have invited Cath to come and lead open times in the 11am service to create a space whereby the gifts of the Spirit and the intimacy of the Lord can be both felt and expressed. Cath is very experienced and anointed in this area and we are so blessed that she is willing to bring this for us.

We have offered in-depth courses last year in the subjects of divine healing and words of knowledge. The purpose of the courses are to equip and enable ordinary Christians to pray and receive healing. To learn how to receive words of knowledge from the Holy Spirit and be trained in the anointing, movement and gifts of the Holy Spirit. I want this to be an on-going and regular expression of our church life together. The crowds gathered at the shores of Galilee not around the eloquence of his words or through curiosity, they gathered around His presence. His words are the words of life, eternal life and that is still true today. So I encourage you to come and help us through our prayer, worship and faith to continue to seek the Lord’s manifest presence and heart.

Every blessing