Burn Worship evening

Rev Rob GrinsellDear church,

Next Friday 15th March, we are hosting the Folkestone Burn at St. Luke’s lighthouse church. The evening starts at 8pm and concludes at 11pm.

Burn Folkestone is a night of continuous worship and prayer lead by worship groups or individual leaders from around Folkestone and surrounding areas. Their vision is to be a space where churches from around Folkestone can come and worship God and bask in His presence and receive from Him.

This promises to be an evening of continuous worship and praise allowing the Holy Spirit more time to minister to people and draw people into the depths of his presence. It’s a relaxed and informal evening. As well as usual expressions of worship, people also bring cushions with them so they can relax in the Lord’s presence. Others bring creative materials with them so they can create something whilst in an atmosphere of worship.

Come alone and enjoy blessing the Lord with other Christians from the local area.



Burn Folkestone is part of Burn 24/7 a “…movement of burning hearts all across the globe returning back to their first love and then taking that love to nations.”