This Sunday (21st October)

Rev Rob GrinsellDear church family,
this Sunday we are continuing with our study series, ‘The Enemies We Face’ and this time we are looking at sleeplessness.

In our fast paced world, we may see sleep as ‘wasted time’ or else we may lie awake as anxiety, concerns and distractions race through our minds.

Equally, our children and young people may also struggle with sleep.

This was never God’s intent for night time.

So does the Bible have anything to say about this subject? Actually, it has a lot to say.

Scripture teaches us that the night time is a sacred time of communion between the Lord and ourselves and that during it God imparts everything necessary for us both physically, emotional and spiritually, for the following day.

The night is a divine time of essential preparation for the day to come.

So how do we win the battle of the night?

Join us on Sunday as we study and pray into this essential area of our lives.

There are activities for the children at the beginning of the service, the children’s groups will run as normal and we shall be sharing Holy Communion together as a family before the children go to their groups.

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday

Every blessing