The Healing Course

Rev Rob GrinsellDear church family,
on Wednesday 1st November we are beginning our ‘Bethel School of Supernatural Healing’.

There are 12 sessions which will run every other week during term time from 7.30pm to 9.30pm in the church.

The course will coincide with the Bethel Mission Team joining us from California in March next year.

The purpose of the course is to equip and enable ordinary Christians to pray and receive healing. To learn how to receive words of knowledge from the Holy Spirit and be trained in the anointing, movement and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The course is taught through superb video based sessions from Bill Johnson and Randy Clark which will be followed by discussions, questions and activities facilitated by Rob Grinsell and June Edney.

We hope the use of multi-media presentations will provide an interesting and stimulating teaching environment. The sessions will also provide a gentle, informal and gradual introduction to experiencing the love and movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We pray the sessions will also ignite in you a love for the Spirit of God and a thirst for more of His presence. It is an opportunity to study the Holy Spirit and how He heals in a full, systematic and Biblical way.

The course is suitable for Christians from all backgrounds and experience. If you have an in-depth knowledge and experience of the Holy Spirit, your participation in the course can be very important in sharing that experience and insight within the ‘question and answer’ sessions and discussions. The course is open to other churches, so please do invite friends and contacts to it.

There will be a short time of Spirit filled worship at the beginning of each session to enable you to encounter the presence of God and develop your intimate relationship with Him. There will also be an opportunity for prayer ministry after the teaching.

We believe this course will be truly life changing for many who embark and commit to it.
Please contact me if you are considering attending some or all of the sessions so we can prepare sufficient materials.

The course is free but donations to the Lighthouse Church to cover the cost of materials is welcome.

Every blessing in Christ,
Rob Grinsell