Sunday 25th June

Rev Rob GrinsellDear Church family,
on the 25th June we are privileged to have Faith Forster join us to speak on ‘How to hear from God’.

Faith brings a depth of wisdom, quality and insight into her very practical teaching. Having heard her speak on this subject before, I know she will bring hard hitting illustrations from her own life story.

We are praying for Sunday 25th to be the beginning of something special for us, as I believe it will release the prophetic in us as and inspire people to come forward with prophetic words and insights into what God is doing through and among us. Faith joining us also follows closely the launch of our ‘School of the Spirit’ teaching series on Wednesday evenings (which began on beginning on 14th June).

The ‘School of the Spirit’ session following Faith’s visit (28th June at 7.30-9.30pm in the church) will be an evening through which we can begin to step out and exercise the gift of prophecy.

These are exiting days as we don’t simply want to passively learn but seek to practice these vital gifts of the Spirit for ourselves, our families, our community and our nation. Listening to God is vital as it enables us to find peace and gain insight into the purpose and fulfilment He has for our lives.

We can learn much about something but we don’t really know it until we experience it for ourselves. I know we will be inspired in our relationship with the Lord and in our search for guidance for what God wants to do through us.

Faith Forster is coming at a critical time for our nation, not just to teach us, but to equip and enable us to become a prophetic and praying people for a time such as this.

You can find out more about Ichthus here.

Every blessing In Christ Jesus