Lighthouse Kids Service

Rev Rob Grinsell Few children in your child’s class may go to church, so coming together with other children and families is an increasingly important aspect of being a Christian family today.

It helps them know they are not unusual for being in a Christian family, in fact there are lots of us and it’s a normal thing to go to church.
As for most children now there is no longer any corporate prayer in schools it is also really important that children see others praying with them and not just their parents. Being part of a supporting and loving community rather than just one family is becoming essential in these times.

Our Lighhouse Kids service have been running now since February 2016. This service is the only service we provide (both on Sundays and Wednesdays – which were added in June 2016) which focus purely on the needs of our children, and deliver for them a fun and rewarding time which helps build in them an enjoyable and positive experience of church. This is vital, we need our children to feel comfortable and relaxed in the church building and to grow spiritually in the love and covering the Lord provides through his church. This also true, of course, of the principal service and the wonderful Lighthouse Kids@11 and ‘Little Stars’ time the children have in the hall.

Apart from the games and songs, there is also a shared time, in which the children either listen to, or interact with, the story. This develops their listening and cognitive learning skills and helps them grasp the basics of what the family believes in the Bible. It is also really important today that in the absence of collective Bible teaching in schools from an authentic Christian perspective, the children can learn the Bible as God’s word together.

Here are just a few of the things the children have learned over the last 4 months;

  • Jesus is God’s Son,
  • how to find Jesus,
  • Jesus is our good shepherd,
  • how to walk with Jesus,
  • how to pray to Jesus,
  • how to worship Jesus,
  • how to care like Jesus,
  • how to understand the Holy Spirit,
  • that they are loved by Jesus,
  • that Jesus loves the whole world,
  • why we go to church,
  • why it’s good to share,
  • why it’s good to do things together, and
  • how Jesus healed people.

As a parent, you are invited to join in with your children, so that you can also help re-read them the bible stories and talk and pray with them about what they have learned.

During the service there is also a time when then children receive our prayer and a blessing pronounced over their lives. We pray for their protection, body, mind and spirit and for their happiness, their friends and their health especially their time at preschool and school if they are that age. Our prayers are powerful when joined together.

I encourage you to come to this service as we believe it is an essential provision for the spiritual development of our children. Please also invite others families you know who may want to try the service.

We believe these services (both on Sunday and in the café on a Wednesday) present a key access point to those who do not yet know the Lord. In time, the children will grow to know the Lord under the covering these services offer.

Every blessing in Christ