Prayer and Worship Night

Rev Rob GrinsellOur last prayer and worship night was such a blessing as we experienced the Holy Spirit moving and ministering to us through our worship and prayer. Our next one is on this Thursday 4th May from 7.30pm to 9.30pm in the church. You can join this evening at any point as we gather with our full worship band and press into the presence of Jesus.

Prayer is the single most important ministry of the church. There is a necessity of prayer that is vital for everything we do in God. Just to remind you, we are launching a next teaching series on prayer beginning on Sunday 14th May. Our teaching and prayer initiatives will include becoming an intercessor, watchmen prayer, prayer partnerships and prayer shields, we shall also be introducing our ‘Week of Prayer’ events and creative prayer evenings.

Along with our monthly Thursday evenings of anointed prayer and live worship, we are looking to breakthrough and unlock all that God wants for us as a church. These evenings of prayer and worship will take us into a deeper, richer intimacy with the Lord to release more of his anointing and a greater measure of the prophetic gifting.

Please come and support the vision, this Thursday at 7.30pm in the church.

Every blessing in Christ