Easter Events

Rev Rob GrinsellWhat a wonderful blessing it has been to host the Bethel team this year. They have brought to us a special gift of their gentleness, faith and love. They have enriched us deeply and there are so many gems they have left us with.

I know a number of us have been touched by the Lord this week and I would love you to share some of what the Lord has been doing in you. This Sunday is Palm Sunday and as well as enjoying our palm crosses and hot cross buns, we would love people to share a short testimony of how the Holy Spirit has touched them and spoken to them in this last week. Our children’s and youth groups are running as normal.

Next Wednesday evening, (7.30pm to 9.30pm in the church,) is a Deeper Life session on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This is an opportunity to build on our knowledge and experience of the gifting of the Holy Spirit, with special emphasis on revelatory gifts such as the word of knowledge and prophecy. The evening will help us seek deeper insight from the scriptures to enhance, build on and take forward all that Bethel have brought us.

Easter weekend will be such a blessed time.
Our joint service on Good Friday is with the Baptists church in Hawkinge Community Centre at 10am, followed by the joint CTF service at Sugarloaf Hill. Easter Sunday service is going to be wonderful. It’s a guest salvation service and we feel such a stirring in our hearts when we pray for that service. Our Easter programme is now published on our church website.

Just to remind you that Saturday 22nd April is our ‘Messy Church’ event (not to be missed!), between 4-6pm in the hall and church. ‘Messy Church’ is a lot of fun for the children and features several craft activities, songs, fun games, life music, story and food. Not a computer game in sight! This is a great afternoon for children and families and a perfect opportunity to invite friends and family along. This month’s activities are centred on the Easter garden.
No charge. Just turn up and join in!

Sunday 23rd April is our Vision Sunday. This is a very important day as we share what the Lord has been saying to us and the vision and direction He is giving to us. It is also a great opportunity to find out all that is going on in the church, including the major projects we have into the community of Hawkinge. You may want to find out more or even get involved in some of the activities and projects. This is also an important occasion to see where the money comes from and where it goes, both into the church and to charities and good causes we support. (More detail is also available at the APCM on Monday 24th at 7.30pm in the church).

We are looking forward to a truly blessed Easter.

With every blessing in Christ