Bethel Prayer Week

Rev Rob GrinsellBefore the Bethel mission team arrive on April 1st, we are looking to have a week of prayer.

Below are the prayer events we are planning

  • March 27th Monday evening. Church Prayer evening. Open to all and hosted by the men. 7.30pm-9.30pm in the church.

  • March 29th Wednesday evening. Whole church prayer meeting. 6.30pm-9.00pm in the church.

  • March 30th Thursday day. Prayer space in the church, 10.30am to 3pm.

  • March 30th Thursday evening. Join the band for prayer and worship. 7.30-9.30pm

  • March 31st Friday evening. Prayer space in the church. 7.30-9.30pm

It would be great if you could get to one of these events to prepare the ground for the team.

Every blessing