The Alpha Course

Rev Rob GrinsellThe Alpha Course at the Lighthouse Church will run between March and June 2017.

Please prayerfully consider the Alpha course. Alpha is a well-known and accessible course for people to be introduced to the Christian faith. It continues to be a highly effective tool in helping people come to faith.

Please pray for someone who you could invite to the course. Invitations through leaflets and banners may inform people, but often people come only when a Christian comes alongside them by praying, inviting and bringing them along. It is generally recognised that one of the most effective ways in which people come to know the Lord today, is when a Christian takes time to pray for that person and invites and accompanies them on a course like Alpha. We are praying that we shall see more people give their lives to the Lord and seek to go on with Him.

For more information, or to register to take part in this course, please complete the form on our Alpha Course page.

Every blessing in Christ