Study Questions – 8th January

God’s purpose for our lives

John 7: 1-13

Home group questions for a 45 minute Bible Study
There may not be time to explore all the questions in which case choose which ones you might like to discuss together.

Warming up
Share with one another your own experience, observations and thoughts on the subject of God’s purpose for our lives.

  1. See verses 1-5. What agenda did Jesus brothers have for him? What do you feel most people’s lives are driven by?

  3. What did Jesus mean in v8 that His, ‘time had not yet fully come’?

  5. See Luke 10: 38-42. What lessons for our lives does Jesus give in his response to Martha?

  7. See John 5.19-21. What principles for our lives is Jesus teaching us here? How do we listen to what the Father is saying and see what He is doing?

  9. What does it mean to say that our Christian lives are a preparation for eternity? How should this effect our lives?

Listening To God
Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you about what you have learned and discussed.

Prayer points
Spend some time praying for how you might serve the Lord in this coming year.