Update – Deeper Life this week

Deeper Life.

Rev Rob GrinsellThis week at ‘Deeper life’ (our mid-week meeting), we are looking at the authority of scripture.

We shall be addressing questions such as:

  • why is the Bible the word of God?
  • What is the apocrypha?
  • How does the Bible differ from the Quran?
  • Are there contradictions within the Bible?
  • Why are there 66 books and no more?
  • Were the gospels written centuries after Jesus?
  • Who decided what books would be in the Bible?
  • Are there errors in the Bible?
  • Why are there atrocities in the Bible?
  • How do we defend the Bible?

The benefit of this teaching is to enable us to better understand the uniqueness and importance of the Bible as the word of God in our lives. This is a great opportunity to understand the Bible we read and to defend it in the face of modern criticism.

The evening will begin with Bible teaching, leading to discussion and prayer times around the tables. The meeting will include a social time of fellowship. All are welcome.

Deeper Life is on Wednesday 2nd November (and every other Wednesday) from 7:30pm – 9:30pm in the church