Update – Sunday 25th September

Alpha Sunday

Rev Rob GrinsellAlpha Sunday launches our Alpha course and it’s a great way of inviting people both to church and to the course which will run from Wednesday 28th September at 7.30-9.30pm. (Venue details will be given at registration).

This is a key opportunity for outreach for us and we are praying that we shall see people give their lives to the Lord and seek to go on with Him.

One of the most effective ways in which people come to know the Lord is when a Christian takes time to pray for that person and invites and accompanies them on a course like Alpha. That companionship and support through the course often proves to be an enormous help in the person finding the Lord for themselves. Please pray that you may be able to attend the course and bring somebody with you. You can register for the course on the Alpha page of our website.

There will also be the full usual children and youth provision for all our young people aged from 0-18 on our Alpha Sunday.