Update – Deeper Life 5th October

Alpha Training

Rev Rob GrinsellOver the next few months the Wednesday evening ‘Deeper Life’ sessions will focus on training to lead the Alpha course.

There is no obligation for you to lead an Alpha course or even join one after the training; you may prefer to use the training purely for your own discipleship and spiritual development.

The series will look into theological and pastoral issues and will also equip you in a highly effective method of evangelism, where you could host and facilitate a course for your own family, friends, neighbours and colleagues in your own home.

Alpha is an easy and effective way to share and explain your faith to those dear to you. You are not expected to be an expert on any of the topics below, however it helps to show people that as a believer you have at least thought about the issues.

Over the years, I have led at least 25 Alpha courses in cafés, churches, homes, pubs and halls etc. with young people and with adults. From my experience (and that of others who have worked with me) I have compiled a series of training sessions which will address the key aspects of the course. I am also hoping to draw on your experience and knowledge as well. My intention is that we pool together our collective wisdom on Alpha in order to equip and encourage one another.

The training programme will be as follows:

Single weekly sessions.

  • An introduction to the Alpha course, process evangelism and group management.
  • The gospel and the normal Christian birth.
  • How to use the bible to bringing someone to Christ
  • Prophetic evangelism and the work of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism.

Over a few weeks

  • Ethical issues-‘a whistle stop tour’
    • Sexual ethics
    • Problem of suffering

  • Theological issues-‘a whistle stop tour’
    • The authority of Scripture
    • The divinity and atonement of Jesus
    • The doctrine of hell and life after death
    • Baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues
    • The occult
    • Other faiths
    • Science and religion

  • Final session. Where do we go from here? What you can do after the course.

I am aware that with busy lives you may not be able to complete all the training sessions, but it is hoped that you will able to come to most of them. They will all be recorded and available on the website.

Alpha training begins on
Wednesday 5th October 7.30pm – 9.30pm in the church.


Please note: This training will enable you to run your own Alpha course in your own home. However, you will still need to comply fully with the values and beliefs of the Lighthouse Church as stated in our core values and statement of faith, (these are found on our website and included on the course).

As part of the application for this voluntary role, all standard safeguarding procedures for volunteers will be need to be followed and if we also feel it would not be the right time for someone to lead an Alpha course in their homes, we will let them know.

Please pray and seek the Lord as to whether this is something you may journey with us on.

Every blessing

P.S. For further training, you may even like to attend the training course at HTB.