Update – Sunday 28th August

Rev Rob GrinsellThis Sunday we complete our short teaching series on the life of David. As we draw lessons from the end of David’s life, we ask how the Holy Spirit enables and equips us to act as life givers and peace keepers in our relationships.

As we are in August, our youth and children’s groups will stay in the service with table top and family activities. We pray that you will enjoy worshipping together as a family and let the Spirit of God touch, renew and bless you.

On Wednesday the 31st of August we continue our in depth study on the book of Romans as we look at Romans chapter 7.

We are also looking forward to an exciting new youth programme which will continue with our Friday night’s fun and Sunday evening’s creative arts and worship. Our new youth programme begins with specials, road-trips and our own youth worship times. I am really looking forward to this year. I believe our youth ministry will continue to grow and develop and I believe that we are going to see more people give their lives to the Lord. A huge thank you to everyone on our youth team who make this possible.

Please also pray for Messy Church on this Saturday 29th August. This will be a great opportunity to bring friends and family to meet church members and welcome them to the church family. (Enormous thanks to Messy Team).

We have a full church programme which we are planning for the autumn term, check back for more details soon.

Thank you to everybody involved for all of your continued love, service and work for the Lord.

Final thought.
Hebrews 4.12 tells us two things about the Word of God, that it’s alive and active. Whenever we prayerfully come into his Word, we give him a moment, an opportunity, a chance to speak to us, touch us and strengthen us. Arrange a time to meet him in the book. He’s waiting to speak to you.

Every blessing in Christ