Study Questions – 16th May


Rob helps us to explore the questions, “What is the meaning of Pentecost?” and “What is Pentecost about?”.

bible_iconHome group questions for a 45 minute Bible Study
There may not be time to explore all the questions in which case choose which ones you might like to discuss together.

These questions are based around Rob Grinsell’s talk in church on Sunday 15th May 2016…

Warming up
What insight, principle, or observation from the sermon did you find most helpful?

Digging deeper

    1. What was the church doing before the Holy Spirit came? What does this teach us about effective mission?
    1. Pentecost is 50 days from Passover and represents a jubilee, a fresh beginning. In what way was this Pentecost a fresh beginning?
    1. How might being filled or re-filled with the Spirit be a jubilee or fresh beginning for you?
    1. How did the Holy Spirit manifest at Pentecost? What significance is this to the mission of the church?
    1. Pentecost was the barley harvest. It was the first mission and ‘harvest’ of the church. How might the Holy Spirit enable us to witness and share our faith with others?
    1. Why do you think the Holy Spirit has given the church spiritual gifts?
  1. How do the gifts of the Spirit, affect our Christen lives?

Listening To God
Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you about His place in your life.

Prayer points
Pray for one another that we might know more of His Spirit in our lives.